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My experience has been that there are three big interrupters of relationship success:

1. Work:

Most of our waking time is spent at work. Many of us bring work home either in a brief case or in our minds. The work and life balance between spouses can only be achieved through great effort and at a cost. Many of us must pick between more income or a happy relationship at home.

2. Children:

When the work day is done, what little time is left is often dedicated to parenting. Lost in the equation is the relationship between partners. Like the choices we must make about work, we need to make the same choice about our children. In order for the relationship between partners to survive and prosper, each partner must choose to allocate time to the partnership. Relationship time will always be limited and should be treated as a precious.

3. Other People:

In-laws, family and friends all have opinions about each partner in a relationship. These opinions can be very disruptive to the relationship. Frankly, these opinions are often very disruptive to the restructuring that must take place after a relationship has broken-up. When in-laws, family and friends start to distract us from our relationship goals it is important to put a stop to this. We live with the severe consequences of a relationship failure while the in-laws, family and friends simply have another thing to opinion about.