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Your conduct throughout your divorce process now, may affect how your potential future-partners will judge your character.

If your divorce settlement was reached in a cooperative and mutually satisfactory manner, including an orderly division of assets, proper financial support, and a thoughtful parenting a
rrangement for your young children, your future-partner should recognize the enormous contribution that such a ‘mature’ separation makes to all your subsequent relationships. 
Parting with a spouse, or the other parent, on good terms, should result in a reduction in any on-going conflict over support obligations, parenting time, and other disputes over what ‘was fair and unfair’. Peace with the previous partner should facilitate the bloom of the current relationship.
On the other hand, if enormous amounts of money were spent on fighting about family issues that should have been settled quickly, that divorce process could be a red flag for future suitors. A history of aggressive litigation should be taken into consideration before entering into a serious relationship, as this individual may be traveling with excessive ‘previous relationship baggage’.
Of course, there are two sides to every divorce story.
If one party to the break-up is aggressively pursuing a court-driven settlement, it may be virtually impossible to avoid being drawn down the warpath. Although it may be unpleasant to reveal the details of past relationships, it is worthwhile to have this conversation with your new partner. As your current significant other, he or she should understand the reasons behind your difficult, and likely, expensive divorce.  
Above all else, make every effort to avoid being the instigator of unnecessary conflict as this lays a strong foundation for relationship successful in the future.