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Legal services for a home purchase or a home sale are called “conveyancing”. Conveyancing involves preparing all the required documents and submitting them to the appropriate land registry (Land Titles), financial institution, and so forth.

Fees for conveyancing will range from $300 to $600, plus the costs paid to third parties, such registration fees to Land Titles,

Most people know that child support payments are calculated based on income. But what does “income” include?

Lisa Sirlin, Family Lawyer and Mediator at the Deer Lake Law Group shares her thoughts on divorce:

Many clients face a dilemma – do they engage with their spouse in front of a neutral third party to try to work things through

My experience has been that there are three big interrupters of relationship success:

Family mediation is an excellent way to by-pass a system that for years, has had judges make rulings for families based on their own sense of what is right and