Deer Lake Law Group Burnaby Lawyer Carolyn Arnold LeBlancCarolyn M. Arnold Leblanc* is a Metis person from le' Batteaux Creek territory near Georgian Bay Ontario. Carolyn is proud of her Indigenous heritage and is dedicated to advance understanding of Metis peoples and their culture in Canada.

Carolyn's research on Indigenous and Aboriginal Law, Employment Law, and the Administration of Justice in Canada has appeared in numerous prestigious publications such as the Cambridge Scholars Press, International Journal of Social Economics, and Journal of Humanities-Civic, Community, and Political studies. She also been a publisher and editor for Appeal Law Review Journal and a participant in the Graduate Studies Review in Criminology.

Carolyn holds a Bachelor of General Studies in Applied Business, an Honors Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work, and a Juris Doctor with a focus on Indigenous Laws and Administrative Law. In addition to her academic achievements, Carolyn has worked in a variety of legal and policy environments.

In 2019, Carolyn was called to the Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor in British Columbia, and in Ontario. As a Interjurisdictional Lawyer, Carolyn can handle files in most parts of Canada. Her client-centered practice focuses on Business (Corporate / Commercial); Criminal Defence, WCB and Workplace Issues, Strata and Tenancy Disputes, Estate Litigation, and First Nations Law.

In addition to her law practice as a civil and administrative litigator, Carolyn is a subject matter expert in the Economics of Law and Indigenous Business for the Athabasca University.

In her free time, Carolyn enjoys riding her motorcycle, hiking, fishing, and spending time on her boat.


In 2013, Carolyn presented her findings on the "Effects of Culturally Specific Programing on Recidivism among Aboriginal Canadians" at the International Social Workers Conference, held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. These findings were later published in the 2016 textbook "International Indigenous Voices in Social Work".

Carolyn went on to present and publish her studies on "Cooperatives an Investment in Economic Development" and "A Time Series Analysis of Gender in Employment".

Her article, "Understanding through Story: Gender Politics and Economic Growth among Indigenous Peoples" is scheduled to be published in 2020.


*denotes CALLAW Barristers & Solicitors, in association with Deer Lake Law Group