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Relationships are complicated so whether you're starting life with a new partner or contemplating the end of your relationship, you need to understand your rights.

Nowadays, many couples sign Pre- Marital / Pre-Nuptial or Co-Habitation Agreements. This is a great way to protect assets and income, and avoid surprises if the relationship ends prematurely.

Still, if there is a family breakup, it can get complicated and stressful! You need someone who understands the complexities involved in restructuring your life following a separation, and someone who can guide you with practical legal expertise to protect your assets and your children.

Our Family Lawyers will ensure that you negotiate from a position of strength to obtain a fair and equitable outcome. When necessary, our team of Lawyers can take your matters to Court to achieve the results you demand.

Whether you’re married or in a marriage-like / common law relationship, it is important to speak with a Family Lawyer early in the process and have a strategy in mind:

  • Who gets what?
  • How to cope financially?
  • What happens to the family residence?
  • Parenting arrangement for the children?
  • Co-parenting with your former spouse and other dynamics of the ‘old’ relationship

After separation, dividing assets can be complex and frustrating. Don’t waste time, money or resources on unnecessary steps if you can negotiate a settlement that addresses a wide range of issues without going to Court. You do not need to wait for one year of separation to settle important matters; the earlier you can settle matters, the happier you will be.

A Separation Agreement or a Memorandum of Understanding allows each party to know what the future holds and how to structure their new life.

If your former spouse is not willing to settle, our Family Lawyers are ready to put their litigation skills and experience to work for you - bringing your matter before the Courts quickly and presenting your position in the most effective manner.

We encourage separated parents to reach agreement with respect to their children as early as possible in the process, however, sometimes it is not possible for separated couples to agree. If you face that challenge, our Family Lawyers can advise you as to how the Family Law Act will apply in your circumstances, and if necessary, our lawyers will obtain a parenting arrangement through the Courts. The best parenting arrangements are child-centered, predictable and manageable for everyone.

Child Support is the right of the child and, at the end of every relationship with children, parents need to enter into a child support arrangement that is compliant with the Federal Child Support Guidelines. In fact, a divorce cannot be granted until child support arrangements are in place.

Spousal support is usually more contentious that child support, but it can be as important when trying to settle. Our office makes extensive use of Divorcemate software to inform our clients about the various settlement options including compensatory, needs based and lump sum spousal support.

Although negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution is preferable, when required, your family law issue can be dealt with in any Provincial Court or Supreme Court of British Columbia. We also handle inter-provincial / inter-jurisdictional matters and Hague Convention files.

Our Family Lawyers will work with you to ensure that you find a peaceful and comfortable outcome at the end of your relationship. We will help you find the ‘good’ in good-bye.