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Deer Lake Law Wills & Estates

It’s never too soon to think about Estate Planning, but it can be too late.

There are several important documents that may be useful for you, and that become part of an overall Estate Plan. Our Estate Lawyers will provide you with sound legal advice to guide you through the legal issues as you create your Estate Plan, with a focus on creating a treasured Legacy, while minimizing tax consequences and reducing probate fees and other costs.

Most importantly, by investing a few hundred dollars to prepare your legal documents now, your loved will avoid having to spend many thousands of dollars in the future.

Enduring Power of Attorney
An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to appoint another person, your “Attorney”, to make financial and legal decisions for you. If you become incapacitated without an Enduring Power of Attorney, your loved ones may need to apply to a Court for a Committeeship, which is an expensive and lengthy process.

Last Will
Your death will be very stressful for your family and friends and dying without a Will may create additional hardship for your loved one. Preparing your Will now allows you to appoint the Executor of your choice and dictate which Beneficiaries get assets in your Estate. This is an important way of minimizing conflict between those you leave behind.

Representation Agreements / Healthcare Agreements
A Representation Agreement can be an all-encompassing document appointing a legal representative to handle legal, financial and healthcare matters, but to ensure your privacy is respected, we encourage clients to rely on the Power of Attorney for non-medical issues and use a Healthcare Agreement to appoint an individual to act on your behalf with respect to personal matters and healthcare, including end of life decisions.

Testamentary and Inter VivosTrusts
Some clients benefit from setting up a Trust now or including a Trust in their Will. Our Estate Lawyers will discuss with you if creating a Trust will meet your needs, and the tax implications and management issues of Trusts.